Why Our Boxes?

Ideal for children ages 6-11, your child will love embarking on journeys of discovery and play, building and learning about world buildings that changed history—and it’s an activity even adults can join in on!

Little World Builder Is For Your Child If:

      They’re fascinated by buildings, architecture and creative play

      They’re curious about travel and love to be hands-on

      You want to promote interest in offline, non-digital activities

      They love exploring new cultures and places—even from home

      You’re excited to find a fun, engaging activity you can enjoy together


If you want to go with our boxes but still need some convincing, then here are why our boxes are best for your children:

A great opportunity to introduce your children to find out about world buildings, get inspired by their histories, functionality, culture and acquire a basic spatial understanding of architecture.

Make children aware of how buildings play an important role in their life – because their life is surrounded by buildings.

It encourages imagination and learning development of your child.

Fun and educational activities of world-building topics that inspire creativity and practical thinking.

Well-sourced and well-packed learning materials + crafts all in one box, saving parents time.

All crafts and equipment of our products comply with the European toy safety standards, specifi cally testing of EN 71 1-2-3.
Please note that our boxes are not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

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