Inspire creativity, curiosity and learning in your Little World Builder

Your child will look forward to receiving a specially themed kit, transporting them and their imagination to the Taj Mahal, Empire State Building and other architectural marvels. 

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Why Little World Builder Boxes?

Designed and built with curious kids in mind, Little World Builder boxes are guaranteed to be fun, educational and hold the attention of young minds curious about architecture and buildings. 

What parents are saying about Little World Builder:

"Amazing, fun enough to keep my boy active all day, without realising how much he's learned from the activities"

Mandy, Mother of 9 years old

"Both my little ones get excited every time I tell them their new kit has come! I think I have finally found something fun I can also be involved in and gets them away from the Xbox!"

Beth, Mother of 7 & 10 years old


"I love the idea of a little souvenir in the balloon, and the magical self-inflating part added a lot of fun! As for the 3D model, this is definitely the favourite part.... but I think it would really shine as material for home education."  Read more 

Merith Godwin-Greer, Mother of 8 years old and Allsubscriptionboxes reviewer

Choose a one-time gift plan or subscription plans - and your child can start building and learning like a junior architect!

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As your child explores and builds their way through the world's most famous buildings, join Hailey and Caesar on their journey! They'll share fun facts from their travels that your child will love. 

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Personalise your Box

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