Little World Builder is a children monthly subscription company that feels special pride at offering amazing opportunities for children to learn about the buildings of the world through becoming little builders themselves. 

Our founder, Maggie Jong is a proud mother of two with a background of interior architecture. She has always been passionate about world buildings due to their uniqueness and has studied them for years. She wanted to let the children know about the importance of buildings in our lives. According to her, buildings are more than just bricks and concrete, each building has its own story to tell and a purpose. eg. houses provide shelter, schools provide learning opportunities etc. With a mission to inspire children to learn about the histories of buildings and their unique positions in our society, she created Little World Builder.

A Letter from the founder

Well, a building could represent a landmark, a unity, a symbol, etc, but after all, I would say - It represents Love. 

Ever since there are people on earth, people protect their family members. The fundamental task was to get them shelter, keep them safe and away from danger, but people in those days don't have the skills to build a shelter or what we called ‘house' today. Hence, they chose a ready-made natural shelter - they lived in CAVES 

Soon, they discovered the skills to make a house with natural elements such as wood for a log cabin, clay for a stone house. People have made their families safer. In later days, more skills were discovered, and more materials were invented such as glass, therefore,  people made their families live in a more comfortable living situation.

From long before until recently, people are showing their love to make their family sheltered from danger till having them to live a comfortable house now. And Love is the fundamental of all these creations and innovations for the buildings we see today. Love is indeed the motivation of people that's has made buildings today safer and tougher. 

So, we may not know this, and never found this to be on top of our head, this is why I’d thought that we could let our children know the fundamental of love isn't only being having a healthy or wealthy family, but the root of it, how did a house come from, and how did it make through all the centuries until we have different buildings in the world now, which all served or still serving as a purpose that has very much tied with love, yet with some interesting stories behind them. 

  Every decade has a building that represented an era, created a culture, and marked a history!   

I believe your child will be very much enjoyed and thrilled to have learned these world buildings from all topics we have produced with care, with the underlying knowledge on histories and cultures; plus activities in the box provided tons of fun hours keeping your child busy and active, filling up their curiosity mind. 
 What's more? Welcome to our Little World Builder network - a network built with love!

Happy building!

Maggie J

Founder & mother of two  

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