Inspire Your Kids to Learn + Explore World Buildings and Cultures. Perfect for ages 6-11

From Revealing the World of Architecture to your Child, to have them learn about the Importance of Buildings in everyday life,

Our Building Boxes encourage Imagination and Learning Development of your Children.

Well, have you ever seen your child building his own "house" using the pillows on the sofa? Or building a "castle" using the boxes from products you have bought from Amazon and having a go at making enclosures with soft play cubes, dining chairs, their school bags or anything they can find around them? After all, they are trying to make their own space by trying out different types of "Construction". We present amazing opportunity for parents to see their children get inspired and learn about the buildings around the world.

With an aim to make learning fun and exciting for children, we offer One World Building each month to children.  We understand your children are amazing and full of potential. Given that the age of 6-11 years is the best time for child development, we believe that learning about buildings from all over the world is a great way for them to learn about life, cultures and importance of buildings in a fun, exciting way. 

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